Shri Milind Bapna I.A.S. AIR 61 Batch 2016

Father’s Name-Narendra Kumar Bapna
Mother’s Name-Manju Bapna
City-Udaipur (Rajasthan)

I am a native of Udaipur(Raj.),a very beautiful city and currently working as a banker. My father is working in a prominent public sector bank and mother is a homemaker and younger sister is a Chartered Accountant (CA).

Initially I never thought of making a career in civil services, as I always wanted to do an IVY league MBA and enter investment banking/private equity sector but soon I realized a career as an IAS would give me more diverse options, a good work-life balance and most importantly working in a capacity where one can do something for the society and the nation.

I have been working for the past three years as a banker and I managed my studies with my job, although it was tough initially to manage both but with a few sacrifices here and there, it is possible even if you are a working professional.

As I cleared the exam without any sort of coaching, I can firmly say its very possible to be successful with a good strategy and hard work. The current syllabus is more about range rather than depth. So have a wide perspective of issues while reading. Always try to stick to limited resources and revise them well.
Internet can be a great tool during your preparation if used wisely and efficiently.
Mostly consider civil services a tough exam to crack, but with my experience I realized it’s a fairly moderate exam, only the subjectivity and breadth  involved in it makes it look difficult to clear. So if you are motivated and have the right strategy it is quite achievable.
In my last attempt I reached interview stage and missed by a whisker(highly disappointing times) and in this attempt I improved on my weak areas and secured a good rank.
So never get disappointed and have faith in yourself and always remember at the end its just another competitive exam and not a test of life.
And always keep other career avenues open, as it will only make you more confident during the entire preparation. I am grateful to my parents, sister, friends etc. for being a constant source of support during my entire journey and my employer who was liberal in giving me leaves for preparation.
Good Luck.