Shri Anurag Jain IPS AIR 198 Batch 2016

Background: Home town- Ashoknagar

Family – Middle Class

Academic- (NIT BHOPAL- 2012), Delhi- 2014)

When were you aspired to become IAS: I always like the respect my uncle Mr. Rajesh Jain(IAS) got whenever he visited us, so I was attracted towards Civil Services. But actual focused preparation started in 2013 when I joined IIT Delhi.

 What efforts you did to achieve goal:

  1. Study while fit and free from tension.
  2. Coaching (Travelled 2 hours in metro daily to attend 2.5 hr classes)
  3. Test Series.
  4. Did not join job offer by Robert Bosch.
  5. Limited Interaction with friends and family..

 Who supported for this task including JATF: All support was from JATF ONLY. I LIVED IN JATF hostel for 3 years. The guidance by senior also come through JATF. Along with this blessing of parents were always there with me.

Overall how you feel after getting success: Good! some feeling can’t be expressed in words. Seeing your parents proud and getting an opportunity to serve the nation and community obviously makes you feel like happiest person.

Any message to the new aspiring students: Go get it, there might be some momentarily failure but your perseverance will pay off. Give all you can, it will come back.