Sagar Bagmar IPS AIR 186 Batch 2016

Background: Myself  SAGAR BAGMAR  from Balotra, Barmer (RAJASTHAN). I have completed B.COM from Satyawati College, Delhi University.

When were inspired to become civil servant: During my school days when I was inspired by the works of some of the Civil Servants.

What efforts you did to achieve the goals: Clearing Civil Services requires Patience, Hard Work , Consistency and Self Confidence which I followed and maintained during my preparation days.

Who supported you for this task including JATF:  My parents are my biggest support system and along with that my teachers and friends but specially JATF friends who helped each other  who kept on motivating me and provided  me right guidance but JATF contribution in my success cant be expressed.  In words because I believe JATF was a God send opportunity for me and for all others who cleared Civil Services from JATF platform.

Overall how you feel after getting Success:Clearing Civil Services is the first step in life to face many diverse challenges in  the years to come ahead, Would like to be helpful for as many as possible.  Need blessings of Almighty,  Elders and Friends so that I can serve to the best of my ability.

Any message to new aspiring Students: To the beginners I would advise that clearing UPSC Examination requires ” Right Material, Right Guidance , More Revision , More Writing Practice “. All these things gets fulfilled in JATF if you are sincere towards your GOAL.

Best Wishes to all the aspirants.