Rajashri Shah IAS AIR 81 Batch 2016



I am Rajarshi Shah, AIR 81 in CSE ’16. I belong to Jaipur, Rajasthan. I had completed my B.Tech from IIT Kanpur in Civil Engineering. I had made into Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS) in my previous attempt in 2016 and will now be moving to IAS. My father Mr. Bimal Kumar Shah is a practicing Chartered Accountant while my mother Amita Shah, commerce Graduate from BHU is a homemaker. My grandfather Mr. Rikhab Chand Shah is a practicing Tax Advocate.


When were you aspired to become IAS.


I made up my mind to become IAS just after completing my graduation in May, 2013. My inspiration towards civil services came from various civil servants who are IITK alumnus, specifically retired IAS officer whose career growth led him to head one of the most prestigious institutions of our country. Such kind of diverse work profile, enormous challenges and job satisfaction resulting from positive contribution to the people’s development is present only in civil services which provided me a thrust to write the civil services examination.


What efforts you did to achieve goal?


I developed a clear understanding regarding the pattern and syllabus of all the stages of this examination. Broadly, I focused equally on two things reading standard books like NCERT, government documents etc and practicing mock tests, previous year papers a lot. I identified my mistakes and worked upon them. With honest hard work and smart strategy, I succeeded in achieving my goal.


Who supported for this task including JATF.


JATF is the strong foundation on which the building of JAIN civil servants stands tall and erect. Had it not been the support of the JATF, my journey would have faced many more hurdles. My friends in JATF, guidance of mentors both inside and outside the JATF and above all my parents and my entire family have supported me for this task.


Overall how you feel after getting success.


Clearing the civil services, the toughest exam of the world and getting into IAS is dream come true. The feelings cannot be explained in words but can only be felt. But yeah, I am excited to work in this challenging environment and commit myself with full energy and dedication towards serving our beautiful and diverse country INDIA.



Any message to the new aspiring students.


Develop a strategy, keep yourself updated with current issues, have belief in yourself, be patient and have confidence to achieve success. IAS is a dream for many, so always be determined and keep your hopes up high. I think that all the aspirants should remain focused to their goal of becoming a civil servant and enjoy the journey during all the stages of the exam because ultimately the JOURNEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE DESTINATION. “SUCCESS IS NOT FINAL, FAILURE IS NOT FATAL: IT IS THE COURAGE TO CONTINUE THAT COUNTS”.