Rahul Gupta (Jain) IPS AIR 182 Batch 2016

 Background: I was born and brought up in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. My father is Sub-engineer in Sarva Siksha Abhiyan in Rajgarh (M.P.). My sister is doing her B.E. from DAVV college in Indore. My mother takes care of all of us.  I have done B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT Delhi in Electrical Engineering. I completed these degrees in 2014.

When were you aspired to become IAS: It came into my mind in during penultimate year of the college because career path had to be chosen. I realized that I will remain happy in life if I am able to see tangible impact of my work. Additionally, I wanted a job where common sense application rather than theoretical knowledge is applied. Thus I found IAS as the best career option at that time.

What efforts you did to achieve goal: I started for studying UPSC CSE in 2013. It was difficult to manage in the beginning because Firstly, I decided to take up exam in English medium despite my Hindi medium background till class 12th. So it was difficult to comprehend NCERTs in my first attempt. Secondly, It became very hectic sometimes to manage UPSC preparation and college projects. Coming from engineering background it was difficult to develop genuine interest in the UPSC syllabus and going into the depth.

I failed to clear mains stage in first attempt. It was a definitely a setback. But on honest introspection I found that there were some areas where I was unprepared and I needed greater effort in next attempt if I had to clear this exam, which I did with greater amount of hard work in the second attempt.

Who supported for this task including JATF: My family has been source of constant support during this journey. It is their faith in my abilities that has kept me going. I am grateful to all friends, teachers, seniors who have given their valuable feedback to make improvements possible.

JATF provided brilliant environment in this regard. Hostel was place best community talent studied for a particular goal wholeheartedly without worrying about food, electricity and other basic amenities . Seniors were also there to guide in case one falters. Thus I feel fortunate to be part of Jain community in this regard.

Overall how you feel after getting success: It feels great when you are rewarded for the hard work. But one must not forget element of luck involved in this successand should always remain humble and ready for criticism.

Any message to the new aspiring students: Everyone knows sources of syllabus, coachings are also there to teach the content but I feel what is more important is understanding of the syllabus and its application in real life. Questions being asked are very dynamic and current affairs related, so one has to be thorough with them. Answer writing skills are becoming very important these days as weightage general studies has increased. Choose your optional subject wisely because one has to be master of it, so genuine interest is Failures are part of life.

Overall, consistent hard work is needed. Learn to embrace failure as they are part of life. Remember Edison failed 1000 times before inventing electric bulb.