Honey Patodi IRS AIR 316 Batch 2016

Background:Born and brought up in indore

Passed out in 2014. B tech and M tech in electrical engineering , IIT Delhi.

Selected in indian forest service 2016, 15th rank.

Selected in civil service 2016, 316 rank, IRS IT service allocated.

No past work experience. Parents from business background.

 When were you aspired to become IAS: During my 3rd year in college while I was managing college festivals and holding leadership positions.

What efforts you did to achieve goal:Working and studying as much I can.

Sacrifices, specially regarding short term pleasure.

Changing and reorienting my preparation strategy. The art of unlearning.

Who supported for this task including JATF: My parents and family members.

Close friends, Jatf fraternity, specially J.B sir and Anil sir, past selected students and mentors and Senior bureaucrats, specially Ranjan sir.

Overall how you feel after getting success: I feel humbled and say my thanks to god and everyone who believe in me and had faith in me and luck for providing me opportunity to serve the nation and contribute to society in my best capacity.

Any message to the new aspiring students: Friends, work hard as much as you can.

This is an opportunity provided by everyone around you to do your best so do not miss a single moment out of it.There may be few stages where you might feel it is not possible, remember it is impossible until it’s done.Many others have cleared it and many could not, learn from them as much you can and always have faith in yourself.

Failure is not the end, it is an opportunity to to.rise again and rise better.

And finally, Believe in nishkam karma, cause your actions are in your hands and not fruits or results.

I’ll be there to help you in my best capacity.