Background: Hail from Geedam town of district Dantewada (Chattisgarh) finished education from primary to class 10th in Dantewada and Class 11 th and 12th from Krishna Public School, Bhilai (C.G.). I have completed my graduation B. Tech ( Electronics & Telecommunication) from BIT Durg(C.G.)

When were you aspired to become IAS: Although started my preparation after completing engineering, but instances of Geedam Police station attack by naxals, when I was in school had deep impact.

What efforts you did to achieve goal : Consistency in work is the key to success according to me and smartly working hard with focuss and self confidence will definitely lead top success.

Who supported for this task including JATF: Maa, Paa, family, friends supported whole heartedly. Last but not the least JATF provided entire support system with all the facilities and was no less than a family for me.

Overall how you feel after getting success: Achieving this is no less than a dream for me and the greatest feeling is seeing your parents happy and the reason is yours this achievement. The wait is now to serve for the public and nation which will be real success.

Any message to the new aspiring students: Have confidence and take this journey as a learning process. Then Success will be yours!.


– I belong to Tonk, Rajasthan and completed schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1, Jaipur

– I did B. Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Delhi in 2015

– I have secured AIR 28 in Engineering Services Exam 2016 and currently serving in Indian Railways as IRSE


When were you aspired to become IAS.

– I started to prepare for Civil Services Exams from third year itself.

– I wanted to pursue a career which has life long learning. After analysis, IAS stand out from all the other options I had at that point of time.

– Also, I have heard stories from my father who worked with many district collectors and how small changes can bring huge impacts within the society



What efforts you did to achieve goal

– Initially, I worked upon developing reading habit to improve grasp over language skills and asked for advice from seniors on the basic books one should read.

– I did coaching for General Studies but later realised that coaching alone cannot secure rank. So, I joined test series for writing practice and content enhancement. I completed all the NCERTs and wrote 20-25 tests for Prelims.

– For me choosing the optional was the critical part, I had changed my optional from Geography to Civil Engineering after realising that I have natural flair for engineering.



Who supported for this task including JATF.

– My constant source of motivation was my mother, father and brother. They regularly called and asked about the progress and difficulty which I am facing. They would share methods to cope up with the pressure.

– JATF provided the required environment which one needs to clear this exam. With the availability of guidance from successful candidates, I kept on improving myself.

– Within JATF I used to discuss GS topics and answer writing with other fellow aspirants which was critical for the success


Overall how you feel after getting success.

– It feels great on the day of result declaration but the journey is not complete. It has opened the door for further opportunities and increased responsibilities

– I hope that I can keep up the faith of parents, friends and people in mine capabilities and would look forward for contributing my part in development of India


Any message to the new aspiring students.

-As the process is long, one need to persevere at hard times and be happy and cheerful

– Success has no shortcuts, one needs to work hard

– If you fail don’t loose hope, believe in yourself, try again but don’t make the exam bigger than life

Background: I belong to Delhi. I was born and brought up in here itself. I did my schooling from DAV Public School Dayanand Vihar. I am a graduate in electronics and electrical engineering from IIT Guwahati (Batch of 2009-2013). I had worked in Schulemberger (an oil and gas MNC) prior to coming to prepare for civil services examination. CSE 2016 was my first attempt and I scored AIR 82 with Physics as an optional.

 When were you aspired to become IAS: I would say I aspired for it long back but always had this perception that only the country’s best minds make it through and thus I would never make it. But with some encouragement from my elder brother and parents I finally decided to come forth and give an attempt to this exam.

What efforts you did to achieve goal : For a start, I resigned from a well paid job to pursue this dream with my 100% attention. Also, I had to alter my habits and limit distractions too. But I can say after a while, when things picked up momentum I never felt that I was ‘sacrificing’ anything – eventually whole routine of preparation became the new normal to me. I don’t know how could I quantify or gauge my efforts but I can say whatever efforts I did put in, they were my best of my ability and with whole of my commitment.

Who supported for this task including JATF: My parents, elder brother and other family members had always been my side and at the back from the day when I came home to begin my preparation till the very end. Along with them my friends and peer group had been a constant companion too. It would have become really dull and heavy without all of them to talk, discuss and vent out all the frustration and low points all this while. I got in touch with JATF after my prelims and I can say for once and ever that it is a great intiative and well thought put in my the members to take such kind of lead. I got to learn immensely from my peers at JATF hostel and also the sense of discipline which was instilled by the overall conduct at the hostel. Also, the sporadic seminars arranged by the organization were also quite beneficial. And similarly the mock interviews as well. They were of high quality in overall temperament which is required for the final interview.

Overall how you feel after getting success: I am happy that I got what I aspired for. It was an experience in itself when I typed ‘0005053’ to search for my name in the final merit list. I can still recall that very moment. However, at the same time I found this happiness to be mixed with little excitement and anxiety for coming months.

Any message to the new aspiring students: Never underestimate yourself. The limits aren’t real. They simply exist in our own thinking. So overcome all of them to achieve what you aspire for. Just don’t make this journey too heavy and dull while you are in this phase. Try to make it as interesting and ‘light’ as possible. You will do good ultimately.

Background:Born and brought up in indore

Passed out in 2014. B tech and M tech in electrical engineering , IIT Delhi.

Selected in indian forest service 2016, 15th rank.

Selected in civil service 2016, 316 rank, IRS IT service allocated.

No past work experience. Parents from business background.

 When were you aspired to become IAS: During my 3rd year in college while I was managing college festivals and holding leadership positions.

What efforts you did to achieve goal:Working and studying as much I can.

Sacrifices, specially regarding short term pleasure.

Changing and reorienting my preparation strategy. The art of unlearning.

Who supported for this task including JATF: My parents and family members.

Close friends, Jatf fraternity, specially J.B sir and Anil sir, past selected students and mentors and Senior bureaucrats, specially Ranjan sir.

Overall how you feel after getting success: I feel humbled and say my thanks to god and everyone who believe in me and had faith in me and luck for providing me opportunity to serve the nation and contribute to society in my best capacity.

Any message to the new aspiring students: Friends, work hard as much as you can.

This is an opportunity provided by everyone around you to do your best so do not miss a single moment out of it.There may be few stages where you might feel it is not possible, remember it is impossible until it’s done.Many others have cleared it and many could not, learn from them as much you can and always have faith in yourself.

Failure is not the end, it is an opportunity to to.rise again and rise better.

And finally, Believe in nishkam karma, cause your actions are in your hands and not fruits or results.

I’ll be there to help you in my best capacity.

Background: Home town- Ashoknagar

Family – Middle Class

Academic- (NIT BHOPAL- 2012), Delhi- 2014)

When were you aspired to become IAS: I always like the respect my uncle Mr. Rajesh Jain(IAS) got whenever he visited us, so I was attracted towards Civil Services. But actual focused preparation started in 2013 when I joined IIT Delhi.

 What efforts you did to achieve goal:

  1. Study while fit and free from tension.
  2. Coaching (Travelled 2 hours in metro daily to attend 2.5 hr classes)
  3. Test Series.
  4. Did not join job offer by Robert Bosch.
  5. Limited Interaction with friends and family..

 Who supported for this task including JATF: All support was from JATF ONLY. I LIVED IN JATF hostel for 3 years. The guidance by senior also come through JATF. Along with this blessing of parents were always there with me.

Overall how you feel after getting success: Good! some feeling can’t be expressed in words. Seeing your parents proud and getting an opportunity to serve the nation and community obviously makes you feel like happiest person.

Any message to the new aspiring students: Go get it, there might be some momentarily failure but your perseverance will pay off. Give all you can, it will come back.

Background: Myself  SAGAR BAGMAR  from Balotra, Barmer (RAJASTHAN). I have completed B.COM from Satyawati College, Delhi University.

When were inspired to become civil servant: During my school days when I was inspired by the works of some of the Civil Servants.

What efforts you did to achieve the goals: Clearing Civil Services requires Patience, Hard Work , Consistency and Self Confidence which I followed and maintained during my preparation days.

Who supported you for this task including JATF:  My parents are my biggest support system and along with that my teachers and friends but specially JATF friends who helped each other  who kept on motivating me and provided  me right guidance but JATF contribution in my success cant be expressed.  In words because I believe JATF was a God send opportunity for me and for all others who cleared Civil Services from JATF platform.

Overall how you feel after getting Success:Clearing Civil Services is the first step in life to face many diverse challenges in  the years to come ahead, Would like to be helpful for as many as possible.  Need blessings of Almighty,  Elders and Friends so that I can serve to the best of my ability.

Any message to new aspiring Students: To the beginners I would advise that clearing UPSC Examination requires ” Right Material, Right Guidance , More Revision , More Writing Practice “. All these things gets fulfilled in JATF if you are sincere towards your GOAL.

Best Wishes to all the aspirants.



I am Rajarshi Shah, AIR 81 in CSE ’16. I belong to Jaipur, Rajasthan. I had completed my B.Tech from IIT Kanpur in Civil Engineering. I had made into Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS) in my previous attempt in 2016 and will now be moving to IAS. My father Mr. Bimal Kumar Shah is a practicing Chartered Accountant while my mother Amita Shah, commerce Graduate from BHU is a homemaker. My grandfather Mr. Rikhab Chand Shah is a practicing Tax Advocate.


When were you aspired to become IAS.


I made up my mind to become IAS just after completing my graduation in May, 2013. My inspiration towards civil services came from various civil servants who are IITK alumnus, specifically retired IAS officer whose career growth led him to head one of the most prestigious institutions of our country. Such kind of diverse work profile, enormous challenges and job satisfaction resulting from positive contribution to the people’s development is present only in civil services which provided me a thrust to write the civil services examination.


What efforts you did to achieve goal?


I developed a clear understanding regarding the pattern and syllabus of all the stages of this examination. Broadly, I focused equally on two things reading standard books like NCERT, government documents etc and practicing mock tests, previous year papers a lot. I identified my mistakes and worked upon them. With honest hard work and smart strategy, I succeeded in achieving my goal.


Who supported for this task including JATF.


JATF is the strong foundation on which the building of JAIN civil servants stands tall and erect. Had it not been the support of the JATF, my journey would have faced many more hurdles. My friends in JATF, guidance of mentors both inside and outside the JATF and above all my parents and my entire family have supported me for this task.


Overall how you feel after getting success.


Clearing the civil services, the toughest exam of the world and getting into IAS is dream come true. The feelings cannot be explained in words but can only be felt. But yeah, I am excited to work in this challenging environment and commit myself with full energy and dedication towards serving our beautiful and diverse country INDIA.



Any message to the new aspiring students.


Develop a strategy, keep yourself updated with current issues, have belief in yourself, be patient and have confidence to achieve success. IAS is a dream for many, so always be determined and keep your hopes up high. I think that all the aspirants should remain focused to their goal of becoming a civil servant and enjoy the journey during all the stages of the exam because ultimately the JOURNEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE DESTINATION. “SUCCESS IS NOT FINAL, FAILURE IS NOT FATAL: IT IS THE COURAGE TO CONTINUE THAT COUNTS”.

 Background: I was born and brought up in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. My father is Sub-engineer in Sarva Siksha Abhiyan in Rajgarh (M.P.). My sister is doing her B.E. from DAVV college in Indore. My mother takes care of all of us.  I have done B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT Delhi in Electrical Engineering. I completed these degrees in 2014.

When were you aspired to become IAS: It came into my mind in during penultimate year of the college because career path had to be chosen. I realized that I will remain happy in life if I am able to see tangible impact of my work. Additionally, I wanted a job where common sense application rather than theoretical knowledge is applied. Thus I found IAS as the best career option at that time.

What efforts you did to achieve goal: I started for studying UPSC CSE in 2013. It was difficult to manage in the beginning because Firstly, I decided to take up exam in English medium despite my Hindi medium background till class 12th. So it was difficult to comprehend NCERTs in my first attempt. Secondly, It became very hectic sometimes to manage UPSC preparation and college projects. Coming from engineering background it was difficult to develop genuine interest in the UPSC syllabus and going into the depth.

I failed to clear mains stage in first attempt. It was a definitely a setback. But on honest introspection I found that there were some areas where I was unprepared and I needed greater effort in next attempt if I had to clear this exam, which I did with greater amount of hard work in the second attempt.

Who supported for this task including JATF: My family has been source of constant support during this journey. It is their faith in my abilities that has kept me going. I am grateful to all friends, teachers, seniors who have given their valuable feedback to make improvements possible.

JATF provided brilliant environment in this regard. Hostel was place best community talent studied for a particular goal wholeheartedly without worrying about food, electricity and other basic amenities . Seniors were also there to guide in case one falters. Thus I feel fortunate to be part of Jain community in this regard.

Overall how you feel after getting success: It feels great when you are rewarded for the hard work. But one must not forget element of luck involved in this successand should always remain humble and ready for criticism.

Any message to the new aspiring students: Everyone knows sources of syllabus, coachings are also there to teach the content but I feel what is more important is understanding of the syllabus and its application in real life. Questions being asked are very dynamic and current affairs related, so one has to be thorough with them. Answer writing skills are becoming very important these days as weightage general studies has increased. Choose your optional subject wisely because one has to be master of it, so genuine interest is Failures are part of life.

Overall, consistent hard work is needed. Learn to embrace failure as they are part of life. Remember Edison failed 1000 times before inventing electric bulb.

Father’s Name-Narendra Kumar Bapna
Mother’s Name-Manju Bapna
City-Udaipur (Rajasthan)

I am a native of Udaipur(Raj.),a very beautiful city and currently working as a banker. My father is working in a prominent public sector bank and mother is a homemaker and younger sister is a Chartered Accountant (CA).

Initially I never thought of making a career in civil services, as I always wanted to do an IVY league MBA and enter investment banking/private equity sector but soon I realized a career as an IAS would give me more diverse options, a good work-life balance and most importantly working in a capacity where one can do something for the society and the nation.

I have been working for the past three years as a banker and I managed my studies with my job, although it was tough initially to manage both but with a few sacrifices here and there, it is possible even if you are a working professional.

As I cleared the exam without any sort of coaching, I can firmly say its very possible to be successful with a good strategy and hard work. The current syllabus is more about range rather than depth. So have a wide perspective of issues while reading. Always try to stick to limited resources and revise them well.
Internet can be a great tool during your preparation if used wisely and efficiently.
Mostly consider civil services a tough exam to crack, but with my experience I realized it’s a fairly moderate exam, only the subjectivity and breadth  involved in it makes it look difficult to clear. So if you are motivated and have the right strategy it is quite achievable.
In my last attempt I reached interview stage and missed by a whisker(highly disappointing times) and in this attempt I improved on my weak areas and secured a good rank.
So never get disappointed and have faith in yourself and always remember at the end its just another competitive exam and not a test of life.
And always keep other career avenues open, as it will only make you more confident during the entire preparation. I am grateful to my parents, sister, friends etc. for being a constant source of support during my entire journey and my employer who was liberal in giving me leaves for preparation.
Good Luck.