“The Pride and Promise” JATF KKG Zone Convention 2nd January 2021,

JATF – KKG Zone organised its Zone’s convention “The Pride and Promise” on Saturday, 2nd January 2021 at Hotel JW Marriott, Bangalore. The event was organised successfully by JATF Vice President Shri. Pramod Bhandari with JATF Zonal Chairman-KKG Zone Shri. Vikram Jain Karbawala and their enormous team who spent sleepless nights to make this Convention a success.

JITO Apex Chairman Shri. Ganpatraj Chowdhary, President Shri. Suresh Mutha, Past Chairman Shri. Tejraj Gulecha, JATF Chairman Shri. Hemant Jain, President Shri. Anil Jain, Hon. Secretary General Shri. Lalit Kumar Dangi spoke their heart out with all about JATF, its Mission, Vision, Goals and briefed the audience on the organisation in whole. JATF – a flagship project; also Jewel in the Crown of JITO and has been instrumental towards Nation building at large.

The event started with Navakar Mantra followed by lighting of lamp by all the dignitaries of JITO-JATF and Shraman Arogyam.

Next in line was Welcome Address by JATF Zonal Chairman Shri. Vikram Jain Karbawala.

This was followed by insightful speech by JITO Past Chairman Shri. Tejraj Gulecha. He explained the very purpose behind formation of JATF, highlighted its uniqueness and appealed all to support JATF in its noble cause of Nation building.

JATF Hon. Secretary- General Shri. Lalit Kumar Dangi presented the overview of JATF covering all its projects together with the processes to run the entire system with all effectiveness. He explained all-inclusiveness, transparency and trustworthiness as the main characteristics of the organisation.

JATF President Shri. Anil Jain presented vision of JATF. He appraised all of the ambitious plans and appealed for whole hearted involvement. He unveiled the “Mission 100” to the audience and committed to achieve 100 successful candidates year on year for Union Public Civil Services.

JATF Chairman Shri. Hemant Jain presented future plans – the road map to success and detailed the need, importance and scope of JATF and how it shall make the entire community more empowered with knowledge, skills and employability.

JITO Apex President and JATF Past President Shri Suresh Mutha described JATF’s journey so far and appealed for all out support to JATF.

JITO Apex Chairman Shri. Ganpatraj Chowdhary appraised all about ambitious hostel projects of JATF. He explained that education not only empower a person or his family, but also contribute to the development of community, society and Nation at large and said that it is always joyful to see someone flourish in his life. He appealed all to experience this joy of giving.

Also Present on the occasion were JATF Treasurer Shri. Uttam Shah and JATF Vice President Shri. Kishore Choksi, JATF Vice President Shri. Vishwas Gothi and JATF Zonal Chairman –North Shri. Mahesh Jain.

The evening witnessed important announcements of 11 new trustees for JATF. The new trustees introduced by Shri. Pramod Bhandari and Shri. Vikram Jain Karbawala are Shri. Gautam Nahar, Shri. Inder Bohora, Shri. Pawan Mehta, Shri. Paras Bhandari, Shri. Kiran Gala, Shri. Sudhir Bothra, Shri. Dinesh Ranka, Shri. Vimal Khivesara, Shri. Mahaveer Mehta and two other well-wishers.

Present on the occasion were JITO Apex WC members Shri. Paras Bhandari, Shri. Mahaveer Chowdhary, Shri Hitesh Doshi, Shri. Manoj Mehta, Shri. Dilip Nabera, Shri. Siddharth Bhansali, JITO Apex Directors Shri. Ashok Ranka, Shri. Dhiraj Bhandari, Shri. Jaychand Bafna, Shri. Lalit Karbawala, Shri. Mahaveer Mehta, Shri. Praveen Bafna, Shri. Satish Mehta, JITO Nominees in JATF Shri. Kishore Kochar, Shri. Uttam Jain – President, Shraman Arogayam; former Apex Vice Chairman Shri. Prakash Singhvee, former Zone Chairmen Shri. Rajendra Gandhi, Shri. Omprakash Jain, Apex Project Chairmen Shri. Sanjay Jain, Shri. Sudhir Lodha, Shri. Gautam Ostwal, Shri. Himmat Jain, Shri. Siddharth Munoth, Shri. Ajay Jain, Smt. Lalita Gulecha, Shri. Dhiraj Chhajed, KKG Zone Team members Shri. Deepak Bohora, Shri. Kamal Punamia, Shri. Rahul Jain, Shri. Siddharth Patwa, Shri. Mitesh Jain, Shri. Ladoolal Metha, Shri. Tushar Jain, Shri. Vikas Tatia, Shri. Sajjan Raj Mehta, Shri. Amit Mehta, Shri. Mahaveer Bhurat, Shri. Sohan Jain, JITO FCP members from KKG Zone, Civil Services Officers and other dignitaries.

JATF KKG Zone Rocks!!

JATF Zonal Chairman-KKG Zone Shri. Vikram Jain Karbawala

Lighting of Lamp

JATF Office Bearers with new members

JATF President Shri. Anil Jain

JATF Chairman Shri. Hemant Jain

JATF Hon. Secretary General Shri. Lalit Kumar Dangi

Unveiling of “Mission 100”

Other dignitaries present at JATF KKG Zone Conventionx