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Dear Smt Usha Bhabhi & Pooja,

Sadar Jai Jinendra!!!

Shakespeare’s line, “Blest are those whose blood and judgment are so well commingled,” could well be applied to Shri DK. With his industrial success came a degree of that he used to make a contribution to society. “I want to give back something of what I have received,” he said, and many donations bear his name.

Most significant was the establishment of the JAIN Administrative Training Foundation JATF, started in New Delhi six years back. He was the first maiden President of the Foundation’s Delhi Center and under his leadership the center started recruiting young Jain boys and girls having aspirations to become Central Government Civil Servants. I am proud to say with the sole effort and contribution of the Foundation we have more than 149 boys and girls working at Central and State Governments. This year out of 186 students’ 125 students cleared the Central UPSC Exam.

In death as in life, the chapters of Shri DK’s life will be read and reread by those seeking guidance from his grace and elegance. He was heroic, valiant; an inspiration to us all. All of us were the beneficiaries of his high energy, big smile and positive outlook on life even in the darkest moments. It was contagious. There was no time for glumness around Shri DK.

It was an honor to know him, and a gift to have him in our life. May the Master of compassion bring him under the cover of God’s wings, and bind his soul in the bond of life.

With best regards,
Prakash Jain

Jain Administrative Training Foundation (JATF)

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