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    Dhariwal Ind. Pvt. Ltd.,Pune

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    Manikchand House 100-101, Behind Hotel Le-Meridien D-Kennedy Road,Pune-411001

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Mrs. Shobha Rasiklal Dhariwal is a well known personality in social, religious and trade and industrial circles not just because she is wife of most popular and successful business tycoon Mr. Rasiklalji Dhariwal but because of her own qualities too which are quite evidence from various aspects and angles of her nature.

Born in a small town called Shirur in Pune District of Maharashtra and educated as Commerce graduate, Shobhaji inherits simplicity and religious culture from a traditional and religious Jain family.

After marriage to Shri Rasiklalji she didn’t restrict herself to her home and the family but started actively involving her to support Shri Rasiklalji in day to day administration, issues regarding advertising and marketing.

At the same time she gave full attention to her daughter Janhavi Dhariwal to develop her career and personality. Although Janhavi has her own qualities and abilities as a successful young business lady, Shobhaji has always been a driving force behind her.

Lately Shobhaji has been independently handling CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities of Manikchand Group mainly through R M Dhariwal Foundation. She very well knows that there is so much of scope and need to work in the areas of Education and Health. Due to this vision of hers there is major thrust of Manikchand Group in these two particular fields.

Through R M Dhariwal Foundation, she herself attends to Scholarship activity to brilliant but poor and needy students. Every year she scrutinizes applications takes interviews of hundreds of students and their parents and sanctions them scholarships to the tune of almost a crore of rupees irrespective of cast, creed or religion. She does not just stop at giving the financial help but during the personal interaction and through various events and functions cultivates good qualities such as honesty, hard work, integrity and respect towards family and parents, pride for the nation and most importantly Vegetarianism amongst the students. Thus she is helping the society in building a responsible and sensible new generation.

Apart from scholarships, she has also been instrumental in donations to various schools, colleges and institutes, boys and girls hostels too. She is the first and only lady to donate for JITO’s training institute for IAS, IRS and IPS students.

Second most important activity she handles is in the field of Health. She personally manages the activities of Matoshri Madanbai Manikchand Dhariwal Hospital which is a well equipped multi specialty hospital in a small town Shirur. She also organizes and keeps close watch on the activities in rural areas such as free medical check-ups, yoga classes, cataract operations, women’s health problems and free distribution of swine flu medicines to students etc.

Shobhaji has also been person behind creating Cardiac Centre at Poona Hospital, IC Unit at Ruby Hall, Nurses College and hostel at Pune. She also attends to the applications received from all over India for financial assistance for major operations and treatments and disburses funds from the foundation to needy and deserving persons.

Everybody is aware of JITO (Jain International Trade Organization) and its women wing JIWO (Jain International Women’s Organization). Shobhaji heads Pune Chapter of JIWO and it would not be out of place to mention here that Pune Chapter is the only chapter which is most active chapter having thousands of dedicated and creative members. Under the dynamic leadership of Mrs. Dhariwal JIWO Pune has carried out so many seminars, events, camps and activities which matter for women most.

Mrs. Dhariwal’s qualities of dedication, to remain unmoved in testing times, to make timely and stern decisions in crisis were evident when she took care of Shri Rasiklalji during his critical illness thrice has given him almost a new life every time.

Shobhaji is a personality with various facets which one can feel from her nature and actions. A caring wife, a loving mother who loves to read, listen to music, cook delicious food. It’s a fashion now a day to talk about eco friendliness and environment. But Shobhaji has always practiced it in real life. While Shri Rasiklalji donates huge funds to religious and social organizations Shobhaji ensures that proper care is also being taken of the environment and mother nature. This quality was seen and praised by many when Shri Dhariwalji donated generously for beautification project of Palitana, Shobhaji ensured that proper plantation is also done to keep balance of environment.

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