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    Gold star Diamond Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

  • Postal Address

    FC4011,4th Floor, F Tower, Bharat Diamond Pvt Ltd, BKC, Bandra (East), Mumbai-400 051.

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  • Phone

    Off : 673 00000



  1. Started Business in the month of Feb 1959.
  2. Started R T Diamond in the year 1966.
  3. First Foreign tour in the year 1968.
  4. First DTC Sight got in the year 1982.
  5. Jewellery manufacturing started in the name of GOLDSTAR in 1990.


  1. More than Fifteen awards won by company from trade and Govt. Agencies.
  2. Highest export award winner for jewellery in 2006-2007 & 2007-2008.


  1. President in Jambudip-Palitana.
  2. President in Malan Kelvani Mandal-Malan.
  3. President in Mahavir Jain Religious Trust-Surat.
  4. Trustee in Hospital at Satlasana.
  5. Treasurer in Ratilal Tribhovandas Jain Boarding for girls at Palanpur.
  6. Trustee in Banaskatha Dharamshala-Palitana.
  7. Trustee in Metrana Tirth.
  8. And Trustee at Many institutions.

Charity to Society

  1. School at Malan, Palanpur upto H.S.C. with 1600 childrens.
  2. Ladies Hospital, Community Hall, Cremetarium, Sport Complex, Electrification at Malan.
  3. Donated for Orthopedic ward at Mahavir Hospital Surat, Hosital at Mehsana, Hospital at Satlasana.
  4. Donation to Many institutions.

Charity to Religious

  1. Upashay at Surat, Iqbalgadh & Sarotra for Sadhu Maharaj.
  2. Upashay at Surat & Malan for Sadhaviji Maharaj.
  3. Gyan Mandir at Paldi , Ahmedabad
  4. Contributed in many Upashay halls.
  5. Jain Temples at Surat & Idar.
  6. Hindu Temples at Malan.
  7. Jain Temple and Upashays at Lonavla.

Contribution Towards Trade

  1. Working as a Vice Chairman in Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO).
  2. Worked as a Vice President in Bharat Diamond Bourse & Treasurer.
  3. Worked as a committee member in Seepz Jewellery Association.

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 3rd August 1942
Education : Inter Arts
Father : Shri. Ratilal Shah
Mother : Smt. Leelaben Shah
Wife : Mrs. Hansaben Shah
Address : 13 Aryavarta, Narayan Dabholkar Road, Opp Nepeansea Road, Mumbai-400 006
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