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    Bardiya Corporation Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur

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Mr. Rajendra Kumar Bardiya,born on 16th September 1956, Chairman of Bardiya Group, has always been a great visionary. He continues to venture into different businesses till date and has been acknowledged as leader in all aspects. He started with the business of Gemstones and then diversified into Real Estate and further Mining business. He has been a leading player in Gemstones business, trendsetter in Mall concept in the state of Rajasthan.

His futuristic vision, coupled with the conceptualization and its execution led him to complete his dream project "Gaurav Tower" in the year 1995. Since then 'GT' has been the most iconic project in the history of Jaipur and which has totally changed the culture of city and is not only the landmark but also the most happening shopping destination of Jaipur.

Mr. Bardiya's success lies in his dedication to ensure completion of the task in whatever field he has taken on hand, be it business, social or religious. He is a visionary who conceptualize the project before hand and directs all members of his team on each steps till it materializes to his satisfaction.

Mr. Bardiya's success story started with his venture into the Gemstone business in the year 1980. He has always been keen for introducing new Gemstones in the market.

Mr. Bardiya diversified into real estate business in the year 1992, when most of the commercial and retail activities were carried out within the vicinity of the walled area of Jaipur. He visualized the need of the growth beyond 'walled area', once the population exceeded 2-3 million, and thereby realizing the opportunity in decentralization of the city's retail trade, he moved ahead to develop Malviya Nagar and established "Gaurav Tower" outside the city, the city's first and one of its kind shopping mall back then. With GT, Bardiya Group proudly stepped into the urban domain and the advent immensely contributed to the growth of Jaipur and till to-date it's success story continues.

The success of Gaurav Tower made the JLN road the most sought after site for all the upcoming Multi National Companies, Hospitals, high-end Hotels and other Malls resembling 'South-Ex of Delhi' for Jaipur with an average footfall of 60,000-70,000 per day. Presently, JLN Road has now roofed many new buildings, however till date 'Gaurav Tower' stands tall amongst all its counterparts and continues to be the most desired shopping and hang out place for the city dwellers.

Along with GT, he ventured into retail and amusement business and opened up state of the art Retail Super Market known as 'Big Shopper' in the year 1996 and launched Dreamland Indoor Amusement Centre in the year 1998.

After GT, he has developed and established retail and commercial destination projects like GT Central and GT Galleriaand luxurious residential Apartments project'The Legend'. Also, 3 retail and commercial complexes are at construction stage. All these projects stand proudly as the epitome of eminence in the pink city. All of these projects enjoy highly distinguished position. His track record of making high quality construction, delivering par excellence services with ultramodern amenities ensure most sought after among occupants.

With the passage of time Mr. Bardiya focused on exploring new business opportunities and his vision drove him to further diversify into the Mining Sector, which unfolded yet another chapter of success in the history of Bardiya Group.

After lending his sweat and soul to the company, He initiated his sons, Mr. Gaurav and Mr. Vikas Bardiya to join the business but not before they attained the individual Degree in Management from the eminent business schools in Leicester and London respectively.

Further, he is dedicated to the society's well-being and provides his service to society at large. Mr. Bardiya is highly regarded in the society and is also associated with many Social and Business organizations like CREDAI, Jewellers Associations, the Jain International Trade Organization (JITO), the Rotary Club, Anuvibha etc.

He firmly believes that "Quality is never realized by chance, and is the result of high, integrity, sincere efforts, intelligent decision making, constant evaluation and skillful execution.

His Success Mantra For Life
Chintan, Nirnaya and Kriya
(Deep Think, Decide and Act upon)

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