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    Amar Prakash Developers Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

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    412/7, G S T Road, Chromepet, Chennai-600044.

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  • 13 years experience and a magnificent track record of handing over of 4500+ homes
  • In the last 5 years AMARPRAKASH has been the highest selling brand in Chennai's Real Estate Market
  • AMARPRAKASH Developers created history in Real Estate Industry by handing over 987 homes on a single day which was Tamil Nadu's Biggest Handover
  • Started with 1 Lac Capital which grew and got recently valued for 500+ Crore company as of Fy16-17
  • Employs around 3000+ people directly and 10000+ people indirectly through its group operations


  • Born inthe year 1982 in a Established Business Family which settled down in Chennai 11O years ago from Nagaur, Rajasthan, India
  • He completed his B.Com from the University of Madras in the year 2003 and DBM from ICFAI University
  • joined his father's Business at an early age of 16 as an Automobile Financier and Venture Capitalist
  • Started AMARPRAKASH and forayed into the REAL ESTATE industry in the year 2004 along with his Brothers and under the guidance of his father


AMARPRAKASH is an Indian conglomerate and an established key player in the real estate industry ofTamil Naclu. With 13+ years of magnificent track records and successfully Handed over more than 4500+ homes to happy customers and another 5 million Sq.ft of residential and commercial under construction. AMARPRAKASH is also a member ofBAI, IGBC and CREDAI.


  • Born in an Orthodox jain Family with a modern thinking, it is a traditional practice to contribute and give back to the society
  • As a family that is always contributing for the welfare of the society by helping the economically weaker section, especially children with school books and scholarships for the last 50 years, in the year 2015 we started a (Not For Profit) School named Jain Public School run bythe AMARPRAKASH FOUNDATIONS with a capacity of 1350 students
  • Aligning with the Jain Philosophy of Believing in Philanthropy over Charity by empowering humans with knowledge and skill


  • Best Innovative/Marque Devloper of the year for "PALM RIVERA" Awarded by estrade
  • Best Quality Construction Awarded by Times Reality Icons
  • Most Trusted Residential Developers (Tamilnadu) Awarded by World Brand Summit
  • Most Trusted Brands of Asia Awarded by World Brand Summit
  • Best Realty Brands Symbol of Excellence in Realty Awarded by The Economic Times
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