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Mr. Vipin Kumar Jain was born in the family of a famous personality amongst the entire Jain Community i.e. a golden hearted visionary Shri Anand Prakash Jain, with inherited philanthropy abilities. Mr. Vipin Kumar Jain is a natural contributor towards the upliftment & betterment towards the cause & concern of the needy brethrens and youth of the Society.

Mr. Vipin Kumar Jain, hails from highly respectable business family, who are the leading importers of Non Ferrous Metal and Scraps from throughout the world i.e. UK, Europe, Australia, UAE, USA, Canada, Africa, China etc. and are Manufactures of Non-Ferrous Alloys i. e. Aluminum Alloys metals etc. The companies like Maruti, Hero Motors, Munjal Honda etc. are amongst their long chain of prestigious clients.

Mr. Jain is a person, having candid education, right perspective and an upsurge ambition to rise as a dynamic entrepreneur from the very beginning of his entering into the world of business. He is a rare blend of optimism, creation and wisdom, who is striving to provide quality products to their clients. He is a self-made person and worked tirelessly to assist in building a business empire in the field of Non-Ferrous Metal.

Mr. Vipin Kumar Jain is a righteous torch bearer of the Society and has been decorated numerously with many awards seeing his tireless devotion to serve the community at large. He has a clear vision and dedication to serve the human being from the very young age.

At present he is associated with many social societies, who are serving the community, with their philanthropy motives. The societies are as below:

  • Zonal President- JATF, Delhi
  • Patron – JITO
  • Director – Mahavir International, New Delhi
  • Senior Advisor – Shri All India S. S. Jain Conference Youth Wing, New Delhi
  • Managing Member – Bhagwan Chintamani Parasnath Educational Society (Regd.) Providing educational help to aspiring youths & medical assistance to needy Jains for Heart, Cancer & Lungs Transplant diseases.

Apart from his business commitment he is nonetheless always yearning to do something enterprising for the Society and play a pivotal role in character building of society brethren, especially about the youth of the community. He has been entirely, actively & devotedly working and helping the youth particularly in Northern India, who are seeking higher education through & with the help of JATF.

He is a youth icon among JATF members and involved in many fields of serving the persons by helping to educate them, providing medical help to the weaker section of the society. He is also instrumental in establishing an Old Age Home to serve the Ascetics, Elderly or Destitute people of the Society as well as he was active in JITO well before the inception of JITO’s Delhi Chapter. Mr. Jain has also transformed his inner wishes by building a Dharamshala in Shri Mahavir Ji Tirath Kshetra at Shri Mahavir Ji in Rajasthan, for Jain pilgrims.

One more excellent feature is to be added in his profile is that since he has served about 450 Jain Ascetics, especially in Northern India, by assisting them for medical card under the Shraman Arogyam Yojana of JITO.