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Prithviraj Kothari

What happens to you when you encounter a particularly perplexing problem? Do you feel helpless or do your eyes light up at the impending challenge and the adventure you are about to have while overcoming it?

If you are one of those people who relish a challenge and want to make a difference in life, then JATF is the place for you. A seed that we planted under the aegis of Jain International Trade Organization (JITO), has come to fruition and it is a pleasure for me to see it grow by leaps and bounds.

JATF provides bright young students with the impetus and facilities to hone their skills and crack some of the toughest entrance tests in India. Be it the UPSC, CA, IITJEEE, CAT or XAT to name a few, it is our sacred duty to empower young minds to become more productive by gaining knowledge.

Our goal is to encourage youngsters from the Jain community to study at the best possible institutions and be in positions where they can be agents of change. Civil Services and entrepreneurship are two avenues that can make it possible.

Dhirubhai Ambani who ushered India into the era of entrepreneurship and indigenous development had once commented, “The success of the young entrepreneur will be the key to India’s transformation in the new millennium.”

As engineers and management graduates you can be the future techpreneurs, edupreneurs and social entrepreneurs who transform the world. As Civil servants you can make and implement policies that are pro-people and inspire others to do the same. We believe that it is upto youngsters like you to take India to the category of developed nations.

Always remember that the key to achieving something is not to be discouraged by hurdles, whether they are mental, physical, psychological or emotional. Human mind is capable of great feats. When a person aspires and backs his or her aspirations by determination, success is theirs.

If you intend to succeed, I will share three mantras of success with you today. The first one is clarity. Have the clarity of thought and purpose. This brings me to my second mantra, focus.

Clarity will help you define your goals, focus will help you achieve them. Be focused on the destination. In this day and age it is very easy to get distracted by things that have no long term potential. Focus on the signal, ignore the noise. As Swami Vivekananda said, “The power of concentration is the only key to the treasure-house of knowledge.”

My third advice is do not ever let anyone tell you that you are incapable of doing something. On your path, you will meet several naysayers. Listen to them, learn what you can and leave the negativity where you found it.

Follow these three mantras, and I assure you, nothing is impossible. Never let the fear of others or your own get the better of you.

The world is full of opportunities that are waiting for you all.

It gives me a great pleasure to join hands with the other members of the Jain community, our well-wishers, sponsors and donors who have come forward to support the cause of JATF. All the very best to the aspiring students and heartfelt congratulations to our successful candidates. Our footfalls so far have been impressive and I am sure this success will continue in the future.

President'S MESSAGE

J. B. Jain

JATF Projects

  • PACE

    Public Administration and Civil Services Enhancement

    Coaching and Mentoring Youth to make a Career in Civil Services

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  • BEAT

    Bank Probationary Officers Exam’s Aptitude Training

    Coaching and training for Bank Probationary Officers Exam

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  • JELP

    JATF Education Loan Program

    Financial Assistance to Students as Interest Subsidy on Education Loan taken from Banks

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  • SEED

    Students Empowering Education and Development

    Interest free Education Loan for Higher Studies to Deserving and Needy Students

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    Coaching & Mentoring for Selection in IITs & NITs (IIT Mains & Advance)

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    Coaching & Mentoring to Become Civil Judge & Magistrate

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Success Stories

It is a matter of great achievement that our 105 aspirants have been successful to join Civil Services with Central Govt and 192 aspirants have joined with Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra Govt.


"JATF" wishes to Empower Education, facilitate and strengthen the process of preparing deserving youth for joining Civil Services to achieve economic status